With Atracio’s Fleet Management module, you can efficiently supervise and control your entire vehicle fleet, whether cars, trucks, machinery, or motorcycles, for quick and informed decision-making.


Easy fuel reconciliation

Take back control of your fuel expenses and detect any misuse of fuel cards to enhance transparency and compliance within the company.

Real-time tracking

Gain increased visibility into your vehicles’ activities in real-time and keep a history of movements for improved operational management.


Geographical perimeter management

Define a geographical perimeter that drivers should not exceed without prior notification, and be notified of any exceedance.

Comprehensive management solution

Effectively manage all operations and transactions related to each of your vehicles, from acquisition to disposal, while maintaining control over comprehensive document archiving.


The Atracio Difference

Boost your Fleet Management function with Atracio

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Get an overview of your performance and make informed decisions regarding your vehicle fleet management processes.

Dynamic dashboard

An interactive experience visualizing key performance indicators of your vehicle fleet.

Dispatch and allocation

Inventory management, acquisition and disposal, as well as document archiving.

Discover the power of Atracio

Turn your warehouses, fleet, and assets into a competitive advantage, not just a cost.