Step into a future
where the supply chain
is more
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Speed up the digitization of your business processes with Atracio, the next-generation ERP.

Redefining "ERP"...

Easy. Ready. Powerful.

Atracio digitizes your daily work, streamlines your business processes, and maximizes your productivity by integrating all essential aspects of your business into a mutualized and intuitive platform.


Ergonomic graphical interface and intuitive workflows make for an easy adoption by your employees.


Quick deployment and a flexible, scalable offering tailored to your current and future business needs.


Powerful features to manage your complex operations and monitor all your organization’s flows.

Manage your business seamlessly

Atracio consolidates the collection and processing of all information and goods flows within your organization, meeting its specific business needs and ensuring consideration for future developments.

ERP system SaaS

A modular offering tailored to each organization


Work anywhere, anytime.

With Atracio’s connected mobile application, you can now manage all your business processes on-the-go and boost the performance and productivity of your field teams.

Atracio Mobile can be used on dedicated mobile devices or simply on your smartphones for quick and cost-effective implementation.


Internet of Things

Take advantage of integrated RFID capabilities

By natively integrating identification by RAIN RFID technology, Atracio allows you to immediately benefit from the unique business advantages of this technology to automate tracking, identification, and inventory management of your assets, goods, equipment, and spare parts.

Atracio enables you to transition to the Internet-of-Things era without any additional development.


Harness the power of Business Intelligence

With Atracio, enhance the quality and speed of your decision-making through increased visibility of all your key performance indicators. Atracio’s Analytix module allows in-depth data analysis, identifying trends and opportunities, and making informed decisions to promote business growth and profitability.

All Atracio reports are exportable in PDF and Excel formats to facilitate sharing and collaboration among your colleagues.

BI ERP System

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