Atracio’s WMS module is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates digital inventory management, streamlines operations, and maximizes efficiency, empowering businesses with real-time insights and advanced tools for unparalleled control and productivity

Stock Level Tracking

Efficiently manage stock levels in real-time. Features like stock tracking, order fulfillment, and automatic reordering ensure optimal inventory, preventing stockouts and ensuring smooth warehouse operations.

Order Processing

Streamline order fulfillment from creation to shipping. Prioritize orders based on criteria like delivery deadlines, enhancing accuracy and speed. Deliver precise orders, boosting customer satisfaction.

Barcode Scanning and RFID Integration

Improve inventory accuracy with Barcode Scanning and RFID Integration. Scan barcodes and RFID tags seamlessly, eliminating manual entry errors. Track product movements, update records, and enhance productivity effortlessly.

Warehouse Layout Management

Organize warehouse layout, zones, racks, and bins. Streamline storage for easy retrieval, maximizing space and efficiency. Utilize advanced algorithms to optimize layout, ensuring faster picking and packing processes.

Returns Management

Automate product returns handling. Swiftly process returns, inspect products, update records, and restock items, ensuring seamless operations and satisfied customers. Utilize predefined processes to assess returned items, enhancing accuracy.

Reporting and Analytics

Access detailed warehouse insights with Analytix module. Generate KPI reports on order fulfillment, inventory turnover, and labor productivity. Make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and enhance efficiency.

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Advanced Packaging Management

Simplify your packaging management effortlessly. Atracio allows versatile package definitions, accommodating various units of measure and allowing for variable quantities. Picking processes are optimized for accurate order fulfillment. Adapt to diverse packaging needs seamlessly, ensuring precision in operations.

Automated Replenishment

Prevent stockouts and excess inventory using automated replenishment. Atracio’s WMS monitors levels and triggers automatic reorder points, ensuring products are available to meet demand. Enhance customer satisfaction and maximize sales opportunities with continuous product availability.

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Stock - Inspection

Customized Inspection Checklists

Atracio’s customizable checklists streamline goods inspection. Staff verify orders, quality, and conditions, flagging discrepancies for immediate action, even returning non-compliant items to suppliers. Real-time updates ensure accuracy, minimizing errors, and maintaining high-quality standards seamlessly.

Multi-Criteria Inventory Search

Efficiently manage your inventory using our multi-criteria search tool. Easily locate products by name, category, or SKU, optimizing your catalog search. Stay ahead of demand by monitoring real-time stock levels. Make data-driven decisions, minimize excess inventory, and improve supply chain efficiency, ensuring timely deliveries and customer satisfaction.


The Atracio Difference

Boost your WMS function with Atracio

Connected Mobile Application

Manage your stock anytime, anywhere! For increased productivity and informed decision-making.

WMS Spotlight

Benefit from a comprehensive view of all your stocks throughout their lifecycles Instantly and in real-time.

Integrated RFID Technology

Harness the power of RFID for accurate tracking, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced inventory visibility.

Simple and Intuitive

Experience hassle-free operations with our user-friendly interface, designed for simplicity and intuitive navigation.

Complete Lifecycle

Seamlessly manage the entire production journey, tracking raw materials to finished products for optimized workflow.

Stock Forecast

Stay ahead of demand with precise stock forecasts, enabling proactive inventory management and minimized overstocking.

Discover the power of Atracio

Turn your warehouses, fleet, and assets into a competitive advantage, not just a cost.