The Atracio POS (Point of Sale) module offers a fully integrated and feature-rich solution to simplify the daily work of your sales teams and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

3D illustration of payment confirmation bill isolated on white background. Paper check document. Shopping receipt with list of purchased goods or services. Financial transaction invoice or bank receipt

Customized Transaction Receipts

Automatically generate your cash receipts with the option to edit invoices, reducing errors, speeding up transactions, and maintaining traceability of your sales.

Various Payment Methods

Use the payment method that suits you best, including credit/debit cards, cash, mobile payments, gift cards, or a combination of multiple methods.


Personalized Offers

Create your own loyalty programs and offer personalized promotions, including discounts, rebates, exchange or return policies, for improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increased profitability.

Sales Analysis

Collect and easily analyze all your sales data to identify sales trends and generate all your revenue statistics by salesperson, cashier, store, or item.


The Atracio Difference

Boost your POS function with Atracio

Automatic Cash Register

Manage your sales transactions efficiently, track your stocks in real-time, and anticipate sales trends.

User-Friendly Mobile Interface

Downloadable on a tablet with a user-friendly interface allowing easy navigation and transaction processing.

Customizable Discounts

Customizable tax and discount options to meet the needs of different businesses.

Multi-Store Management

A real-time overview of the activity of each point of sale, ensuring better overall operational efficiency for the company.

Intelligent Stock Management

Instantly and in real-time, benefit from a comprehensive view of the flow of all your stocks throughout their lifecycles.

Discover the power of Atracio

Turn your warehouses, fleet, and assets into a competitive advantage, not just a cost.