RFID power in asset management


In the rugged expanses of construction, where every ounce of efficiency counts, the management of assets emerges as a critical factor in operational success to eventually unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity in their dailyoperations.


Managing a large number of assets across vast construction sites was a major challenge. The primary requirement was to accurately track their extensive asset base, schedule maintenance, identify employees of concern and be able to quickly locate critical equipment in the event of an emergency.

Relying on spreadsheets or traditional methods for asset management increased the likelihood of data inaccuracies, misplacements, and delays in locating assets when needed.


Each asset was tagged with an RFID tag, transforming it into a digital asset with a unique digital identity. RFID readers were strategically placed across BUTEC’s sites in multiple countries, providing a multi-site view and enabling real-time tracking of asset movements and status updates.

The project consisted of implementing an efficient and rapid inventory solution using RFID technology within BUTEC Group. The project covered the supply, installation and implementation of a hardware and software solution.


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