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In the dynamic oil and energy sector, precision and safety are of the utmost importance, and innovation is the very essence of progress. Optimising warehouse operations while ensuring rigorous inspection processes was a significant challenge for Shell. This case study explores its implementation of a WMS module with unique QR codes with an inspection module included.


Shell was challenged by the complexity of managing vast warehouses containing critical equipment essential to its operations. Traditional approaches to stock tracking and inspection were proving inadequate, causing costly inaccuracies, delays and inefficiencies in supply chain management.

In addition, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards required robust inspection processes, yet the existing methods were labour-intensive and prone to error.


The WMS module facilitated seamless inventory management by assigning unique QR codes to each item, enabling quick and accurate identification, tracking, and retrieval. Integrated with barcode scanners and mobile devices, warehouse staf could effortlessly scan QR codes to update inventory status, locate items, and monitor stock levels in real-time.

Complementing the WMS module was an inspection module designed to streamline quality assurance and compliance processes. Leveraging QR code technology, inspectors could digitally capture inspection data, attach photos, and record observations using mobile devices. Automated workflows routed inspection reports for approval, ensuring swift resolution of any identified issues.


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