Routes optimization and predictive load management

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As a distinguished Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) leader, Majorel recognizes the importance of efficient and reliable employee transportation for its workforce. Faced with the challenge of managing a large-scale employee shuttle system, Majorel sought a comprehensive solution to optimize routes and predictively manage shuttle loads for enhanced operational efficiency.


As a leading customer service outsourcing company, our customer has to ensure timely and reliable transportation for its call operators by having the best utilization possible of its fleet of shuttle buses. 

A major problem that the company was facing was the imbalanced load factor of their buses due to the unpredictability and inconsistency of the numbers of employees that need to be transported in each direction. 

This imbalance ultimately led to an over-sized fleet and corresponding drivers with a low asset utilization ratio. Last minute cancellation and no-show instances made planning for the right size of fleet even more challenging for the dispatcher.


By understanding and analyzing the intricate details of the dispatcher job, our team developed a web based application that collects and processes real time location data sent by GPS/GPRS modules.

Employees are now prompted to book online a seat on the bus of their choice by selecting their pickup time and place. Our application synthesizes all booking information to help select the appropriate buses (number and size) before using an optimizing algorithm to come up with the best route for each direction.

To ensure real time monitoring of the buses load, we equipped all buses with connected NFC readers where passenger needs to scan their personal badge upon boarding.


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