Enhancing efficiency with RFID-enabled ERP

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In the fast-paced world of fashion manufacturing, accuracy and efficiency are key. For Rivedroite, a leading player in the fashion industry, the need to improve warehouse management and procurement processes led to the adoption of an innovative ERP solutions, Atracio two powerful modules: Procurement and WMS, along with its robust technology, RFID.


Rivedroite faced significant inventory management and procurement challenges due to its diverse supplier base. Manual inventory tracking methods resulted in inaccuracies, and stock outages.

Procurement processes were fragmented and time-consuming. The lack of integration between warehouse management and procurement systems hindered visibility and coordination across the supply chain.


The WMS module optimised inventory management by providing real-time visibility of stock levels, locations and movements. Automated replenishment processes and barcode scanning all-together with the RFID capabilities improved the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations. Integration with procurement modules facilitated seamless procure-to-pay processes, from requisitioning to invoicing and payment.

The procurement module streamlined sourcing, purchasing and supplier management processes. Features such as supplier performance tracking, contract management and electronic sourcing improved visibility and compliance while reducing procurement cycle times.

The WMS module leveraged RFID technology for automated inventory tracking and management. RFID tags attached to products and materials enabled real-time visibility into stock levels, locations, and movements throughout the warehouse. Automated replenishment and picking processes enhanced efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.


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