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In the dynamic landscape of the handicraft and artisan sector, Chabichic, a prominent national and international company, recognized the need for strategic innovation to overcome operational challenges. With an outdated ERP system generating inaccurate data and statistics, the company sought a solution to enhance production efficiency and adaptability.


A leading national and international company and brand in the handicraft and artisan sector, the company faced a number of operational challenges such as outdated ERP system with inaccurate data and statistics. 

Manual inventory management processes leading to inconsistencies, out-of-stocks and delays in fulfilling customer orders. Isolated systems for sales, purchasing and POS added complexity and limited visibility into stock levels and overall performance.


Recognising the need for a cohesive solution, Chabi Chic partnered with Atracio to implement a customised ERP system. The solution integrated a warehouse management system (WMS), sales, purchasing, POS for multiple points of sale and CRM module to provide a holistic view of operations and customer interactions.

It optimised inventory management, enabling real-time tracking of stock levels, automated replenishment and efficient order fulfilment processes. Automatically synchronized with other applications and systems.

The sales and purchasing modules streamlined transactional workflows from order placement to invoicing, improving accuracy and reducing cycle times.The POS system unified sales channels, enabling seamless transactions across physical stores and online platforms. In addition, the CRM module centralised customer data, facilitating personalised marketing campaigns and improving customer retention efforts.


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